Feb 2, 2012


In our very long-term aim of becoming the new Wikipedia, currently under code name Cupcakedia (impossible to pronounce but sweet, right?)we have educated mainly around food, be that the obvious restaurants for lazy days, Cupcake eating and Pizza making, also some playground rules, music festival rules and, let's say...ehm... borrowing botanic pieces.   

Now on to one of my favorite subjects though (yes, I am getting over it, for now...) - kissing! What is better?!? So to make sure you do it, here is how to go about it; over to Miss Cassanova.

Pick you victim and stare at them for a while



And of course - repeat! And don't worry about the aim...

1 comment:

  1. Whhhaaaat!!?!? That's it, I'm booking a ticket again!! ...happy dad is happy but this is NOT ok with Fifi!!...I mean, the girl is getting more action than Aunti, looks like she can teach me a thing or two here...;-)