Jan 10, 2012

My Favorite Restaurants in San Francisco

My family is all about food. It is deeply rooted ever since I was a child. We like talking about it, reading about it, preparing it and eating it even more.  We are one of those families that when we do get together, we stand around in the kitchen instead of the living room (just in case someone gets hungry or decide to make something tasty I guess).

We would have thematic dinners where we would try food from one country, and we even have a professional cook in the family. And most important; we are the family who introduced the concept of 'the second breakfast'. Yes, the brunch is so cool for all you hipsters out there, but there is nothing that spells 'life quality' as to wake up in the morning, have breakfast, go back to bed and get up one hour later and have breakfast again all together.

The second breakfast. You heard it here the first time.  

So it is no surprise that I love to go out and try new food at restaurants around town, and I wanted to share some of my favorites. Mostly to make my food crazy family jealous [enter malignious laughter].  
  • San Francisco is next to the sea and in the sea lives fishes that can be eaten. One of the best fish dishes in my life was enjoyed at the Boulevard restaurant at the Embarcadero. I told the waitress to kiss the cook. She giggled uncomfortably. I guess he is not very attractive. 
  • When we came to San Francisco the first time we stumbled over Cafe Divine that makes a crazy good breakfast. The eggs benedict is the official hang-over killer. Straight wins, all on knock-out. 
  • The latest restaurant we visited was the Seven Hills restaurant just around the corner from where we live. I had one of the best fishes in my life there. No, wait. I already used that argument...
  • The Anchor & Hope restaurant is just a great restaurant (yes, you guessed it - fish again!), and the funny thing about it is that it is hidden away in an alley that seem more appropriate for buying  chemical substances than for a dinner. 
  • The italian restaurant Sodini's is so authentic they don't even have a website. The guy in the bar does not look like he was one of the actors from 'The Godfather'; he looks like he instructed the actors for them to be as authentic as possible. The restaurant states on the window; 'no reservations, no desserts, no decaf  - no exceptions'. Crystal clear!
Did I forget about any place?

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  1. To continue the fish theme... I always found Hyde St Fish Restaurant pretty good, especially their `En Papillote` specialties - and local to you too.
    Always wondered about trying Anchor and Hope - you've swung it for me now!