Jan 31, 2012

Back in the Days

I have worked for Yahoo! for eight years now. I am amazed myself! Time do really fly. And time really knows how to tie the circle together. Just check out this: my wife had prepared a nice surprise for me this Saturday for my birthday celebration, that never seem to end (lucky me!), and it was not having my sister come on a surprise visit.

I decided to take my sister for a drink at the Top of the Mark, and later go for dinner at the Spanish restaurant La Lola. I now later realize I did not plan on this myself at all, my wife had managed to manipulate me into thinking I was planning so, but she was behind all of it. So when I come into the restaurant, there are a bunch of friends sitting waiting to have dinner, including my wife who had volunteered to take care of Miss Cupcake (she had the baby sitter come over). 

The worst part - how do I match this when Sexy Mom's birthday comes up in July?!?

One of the persons sitting there was Miguel Angel Diez, currently in San Francisco with his company Red Karaoke. Back in the days he was working for Yahoo! Spain, where he one day in December 2004 interviewed some Swedish dude for a SEO position. Eight years later, here we are again. 

This all came back to me after watching this video from a Spanish program on work offices. Yes, apparently they exist. If you don't understand Spanish, they are mainly commenting on how they miss their SEO Manager...

P.S If you are a Yahoo! fan, you might enjoy the newly added category about my work-place.

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