Aug 9, 2011

'How Can I Tell if He Loves Me So?'

There is a picture of myself in a bathtub with my cousin when we were about two or three years old, and we are giving each other a kiss. It is a very sweet photo, and reminds me of a time when the two of us would actually fit in a bathtub, and the summers we spent at my great-grandfather's place in northern Sweden; this amazing house next to a lake in the middle of nowhere. Just the most perfect summers ever. 

When I see pictures of little Miss Cupcake giving kisses to boys, and apparently enjoying it very much, a bit too much, I instinctively start looking for sharp objects... I am fine with it. I really am. Don't get me wrong. Especially considering that she now gives kisses to mom, to boys at daycare and all animals in her books, but not to dad. Considering shaving off the beard...

The photo was sent from the daycare, and I responded 'so young and already with a boyfriend', and the daycare responded; 'she is a popular girl'. 

She gets that from her beautiful mom.

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