May 6, 2011

Kid from Grubbe

Putting a name on something is difficult. Another day I will tell you the story of how Leah got her name, but I can say already that it has nothing to do with Princess Leia from Star Wars, not entirely at least...

When I started the blog, I am not really sure where the name "A Kid From Grubbe" came from, but it is a good name, being that I was born in Umeå in Sweden, in the neighborhood Grubbe. Here is my old house! I lived right here, in the corner, just above the gray van. I used to play hockey against that garage door! I used to park my dad's white Volvo in that garage! I used to cut the grass you see on this picture in the summers! I crashed the grass cutting machine against that very curb... maybe I should not continue that story, my dad reads this blog.

So I searched "Grubbe on Wikipedia", and I was surprised to find two things:
1. Grubbe has been around since the year 1200, making it one of the oldest parts of northern Sweden! Cool!
2. The picture on Wikipedia is of the house my parents lived in when I was born! We only lived there six months before moving to the other place.

Picture from Wikipedia

So what tourist attractions can you find in Grubbe? Well, nothing really. It is a quiet residencial area. When I was a kid, from Grubbe (get it?!?), we used to go down to the football field to see if anyone was playing (read girls), we go by the furniture shop and make the shop owner nervous by testing the beds (seriously, there was nothing to do), and end up at the gas station or supermarket to buy candy.

Yes, I kind of miss it...

The Supermarket: picture from Wikipedia

Update: Don't miss this wonderful map on how to pronounce cities in the north of Sweden.

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