Aug 15, 2011

Outside Lands - Day 1

I went to my first music festival in 1998, I think. My dear friend Andreas and myself headed up to the vibrant city of Skellefteå for what is nowadays called 'The City Fest'. We drove up in a beaten up Volvo station wagon, that in our minds represented a hippie Volkswagen bus (we actually ended up buying one years later, painted it blue with flowers on it and went to a music festival in Denmark, but that is a different story kids).

We slept in the back of the car on the parking lot of the golf course  for some reason and partied to, I think, amongst others Iggy Pop. I had just started university, we were young and cool and nothing could stop us. 

Now fast forward to 2011, and Miss Cupcake's first music festival experience. Differences? She is 18 months instead of 18 years, she just started daycare, not university, and she manages  to get the attention of pretty, young women way better than her dad did back in the days. She is very young, awfully cool and don't even think of trying to stop her!

This weekend was the Outside Lands Music and Arts festival in San Francisco, and we all headed down to Golden Gate Park to check the action out. So how is the experience of a music festival with kids? Let's check.

Good things:
-I loves music!
-So many people to investigate and get attention from
-Lots of good food. I like 'Crispy Mac and Cheese'.

Bad things:
-Do you mind turning the music down a bit, I am trying to sleep man!
-So many people that requires my attention.
-(I still like the food, no worries there).

Chilling to 'Black Keys'
Miss Cupcake did great, however even she has her limits to the fun. So around six, dad took her home while mom stayed for the last concert of 'Muse'. Miss Cupcake fell asleep about two seconds after leaving the park.

The take away from this experience? It was a great festival to take a kid as it is a day festival, there is lots of space to set up base camp, green grass and people are chilling out California style. I love the fact that if you now say 'rock n roll' to Miss Cupcake, she will raise her right arm up high. Very cool. And yes, next year we will get a baby sitter.

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  1. Vad bra att det gick bra, säger Farmor