Oct 13, 2011

Miss Cupcake on Cupcakes

We continue to inform and educate here at the Kid From Grubbe blog, and today we want to touch on a subject that is causing a lot of stress and confusion out there - how to eat a cupcake. Here to help me I have Miss Cupcake, PhD in Cupcake Engineering from the University of McMuffin Frostington. 

You have surely been there; a long day at work, you come home, kick off your shoes and sit back to enjoy that cupcake that has been waiting for you all day, it has been wandering your mind all day and now the moment is finally here - but where to start?!?

Don't worry, just follow Miss Cupcake - take it away!

1. Remove all small chocolate sprinkle on the frosting to avoid choke hazards. 

2. Loose all kinds of restraints whoever is watching - just attack the thing!

3. Always enjoy in good company (without sharing of course...)

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