Dec 3, 2011

Pizza Cupcake with Extra Cheese

North Beach is also known as the Italian area of San Francisco. A lot of Italians were attracted to the area looking for work when they re-built it after the 1906 earth quake. Even Italian super stars such as baseball legend Joe Di Maggio (now I know why the playground is called like this...) lived here. If you do not know him, you might have heard of his wife, a certain Marilyn Monroe.

This is not really why we decided to make pizza the other day, but let's say it was otherwise the first entire paragraph does not make much sense. Don't know how to make a pizza. Don't worry. We are here to help! Over to my assistant, Senorita Di Cupcake. 

1. Don't be afraid to use your hand. Feel the dough. Become the dough. 

2. The toppings is like fine arts; it might seem random, but it takes planning

3. Look cute. People will not even look at the finished pizza. 

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