May 22, 2012

Happy About NoPa

Enough is enough! No more bitching about the pains of moving. Because you know what? We are so very happy to be back where our US adventure started - in Nopa! (note that the picture is taken at the corner of Baker and Golden Gate Avenue, where we now are living). This is not to be confused with Napa which is a wine district north of San Francisco, which is great for other red liquid reasons. 

Our new neighborhood has it's name from the park 'The Panhandle', which is a long and narrow entry to the Golden Gate Park; 'North of the Panhandle' - NoPa! We love it because it is relatively flat in San Francisco terms; we can bike to the park, the Academy of Science and Ocean Beach. It is quiet (read: no cable car) and it has the perfect hipster vibe with restaurants, cafes, cloth stores for cool parents like ourselves.

To summarize: it is everything that the Mission district tries to be.

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