Nov 19, 2010

Anza Vista

We are currently living in “Anza Vista” in San Francisco, a very quite neighhbourhood on a hill in the middle of San Francisco. Well, then again, everything is on a hill in this town... However, thanks to the elevated position, we have these wonderful views of downtown San Francisco. Downside, you have to walk up these hills with the stroller. Positive side, we are getting buns of steal!!!

Baker street

The streets around here are beautiful, the houses are typical wooden houses, and you walk around thinking, “I would like to live in that one, no wait, in that one”, and so on. There is not a whole lot to do just where we live, but luckily there is a café, a mexican restaurant and a place that sells cake just down the street. We are also very close to Alamo Park where the famous “painted ladies” stand, you might recognize them from the TV series “Full House”.

Alamo square

So to summarize; the apartment is amazing, the neighbourhood is nice and quiet, but we will be looking to live in a different part of town, we are used to being closer to the action!

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