May 23, 2012

Transportation in Style

Do you remember the first time you got onto a bike? I can still sense the overwhelming feeling of freedom, feeling the world opening up for me to discover on my red stallion that would conquer new continents with the wind blowing in my hair as blond goddesses would chant in victory - 'great, you are biking by yourself!' 

Wait, what? By myself? Quickly I was back to reality where I realized my dad had let go of the bike and that freedom was just a bit too much to handle and I crashed into the wall (there is still a dent to be found if you ever happen to be around Lagmansgatan 26 in Umea).

So why not take it a bit slower and take an introduction course to 'Biking with the professionals'. Over to my assistant:

1. Know your bike and prepare it for action
2. Get comfy
3. Have someone else do the work

1 comment:

  1. Haha. I can remember shouting "Daaaaad! Let Gooooo!", then falling off when I realised he already had. Golden memories...