Nov 9, 2011

The cow goes Muuu

There is something about kids and animals. It all starts with the urge to make the sound of the cat and dog. They absolutely love their toy versions of all kinds of animals (Miss Cupcake always sleeps with a bear called 'Bjorn'). Then they realize that the cat and dog exist for real, and you can pat them and they are soft. Now the goal is to chase them around the park and loudly point out from the stroller anytime a dog or cat walks by. 
So what happens then if you take Miss Cupcake to the California Academy of ScienceFirst of all, just when coming in through the door, her reaction was to scream 'wow'! This was mainly as you as a visitor is greeted by a ten meter high dinosaur skeleton. She spent five minutes screaming 'di-no-saur' and jumping trying to reach it. 

Later she spent two hours running around looking at penguins, stuffed animals and fishes. A lot of fishes. She did try to get in with the fishes, as seen above in the picture. It ended with one of her shoes flying gracefully across the room and ending up in the pool. Apparently it was not the first time it happened.  

Yes, we got membership for the entire year. 

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