Oct 17, 2011

Sunny California. Seriously!

When you think about living in California, you might think about days at the beach surrounded by palm trees and eternal summer with flowers in your hair. You probably don't think about fog and traffic jams on the 101. To be able to go to the beach, not only you need a day when it is sunny, but also get back from work within a reasonable hour. These two factors pull down the probability substantially.  

However there are days we can go to the beach, without the North Face jacket, and enjoy an afternoon where you could think that it was summer and not October, until you put your feet in the Pacific ocean that is. Miss Cupcake does not care about the arctic temperature. At the first sight of the sea, she runs for it, and will not stop until she is in it. we now bring extra clothes for her. Forgot about me though...  

Last one in is a penguuuuiiiinn!!

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