May 14, 2012

Really?!? Again?!?

You should for obvious reason never use the word 'never', as you are bound to get a 'I told you so' back when the impossible becomes reality. Especially if you tell it to a woman. I of course, as any good man, ignore the instructions. This is why after finishing high school I burnt my Spanish grammar book while shanting into the flames 'I will never speak Spanish again', only to later marry a Spanish woman and live in Madrid for 8 years. 

Told you so!

So after having moved four times in a year and a half, I had a notary witness how I signed the 'I will not move again' manifest. Worked like a charm. Until last friday. After really trying to get used to the idea of moving south to improve the comute and get a place with a backyard for the Cupcake, we realized  that the suburbia is not our thing. It is simply too perfect and neat (yes, I know it sounds weird coming from a organization addict from Ikealand).

These are only the books...

We are city people. San Francisco city people. We are staying in the city and moving to the area we like the most - NOPA. That is, exactly about 150 meters from where we lived the first month in the US.

Good thing I never said we would never live in that area again. 

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