Mar 14, 2011

Turning 100!!

I remember exactly the day I started this blog. It was a Saturday, we had just come to San Francisco and Leah still had jet-lag. She woke up at four and I was playing with her, until she fell asleep again at around six. But instead of going to bed, I sat down with the computer and decided to start the blog I had been thinking about, both to have friends and family keep track of what we were up to, and also as a journal to remember myself. Now I am celebrating 100 posts, 104 to be honest, but I realized it too late. Anyway...

The questions is, with so many posts, which one is the best so far? And the nominees are:

1. 101 things to do before I die (excluding the ones related to sex of course)
2. Fear the beard (still considering the Lemmy alternative...)
3. Miss Cupcake vs. Mr Daddy (don't think people really got this one, but I love it!)
4. A small step for mankind (seven seconds of video to catch an historic moment)
5. The year in images (the things that happen in one year...)
6. Say cheese! (three bored people and a computer)

Vote and you can win something that is amazingly amazing from amazon, I mean, eBay of course...


  1. The year in images!
    (or how life can change all of a sudden)

  2. i think fer got the prize, right?