Dec 29, 2010

Time to summarize

It is time to start looking back at the year, and what a year it has been! It has been by far the most intense year of my life, including the birth of my daughter Leah and the move to San Francisco. Since an image says more than a million words, this has been 2010 to me;

December: ...and daddy loves you!

January: Hold tight!

February: Trying out new flavors

March: Rome? Boring!

April: Got my first book in Lisbon... in Portuguese

May: Surfing on the Internet

June: Grandma's birthday in Sweden, learned to sit by myself!

July: OK, so this is grass... (Retiro Park in Madrid)

August: I just love bread!

September: Cookie to mom

October: What does Molly drive?

November: Where are you taking me this time?

December: Golden Gate Baby!

Happy New Year everyone!!

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