Feb 10, 2011

Fear the Beard

Yes, I am home alone. Yes, I get bored. Yes, I invent stuff to keep myself busy. So between cleaning the bathroom, or making a beard contest, the answer is pretty darn simple:

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the event you all been waiting for, the Beard-o-rama 2011!! Chose the beard to fit this young man!! Place your vote and you can win an amazing price!

And the nominees are:

1. The full beard

2. The "hey the 90:ies called and want their goatee back"

3. The "Lemmy from Motorhead" (personal favorite!)

4. The Mustache

5. The "smooth like a babies tushie" or "can we get some ID please"


  1. jajajajajajajaja.
    number 3 please!

  2. Go for the beard: 1, or even let it grow thicker!

    PS: Pablo just shaved and I'm not very happy about it...

    ¡Aunque estáis guapos de todas formas!

  3. Decididamente la numero 1, estás guapo simpre, pero con la barba 1 masssssss

  4. Tycker nog att du ser ut som din pappa på bild nr4..
    Mvh från barndomen...;)

    (Gissa vem jag är...)

  5. Självklart nummer 3, du ser ju ut som en 80-tals porrskådis.

    Emma Gilljam