Mar 13, 2011

Going green

And I am not talking about recycling or becoming a steroid pumped monster, I am talking about St Patrick's Day. This day could be about many famous people named Patrick - Boone, Doyle, Dempsey, Morrissey, heck, I could even stretch to Sjöberg if you know your Swedish track and field stars. But it is of course about patron Saint of Ireland, and as all holidays based on religion, the point has kind of got lost and got replaced with something that is easier to sell, in this case alcohol.

Who is Walker?

Even if St Patrick's Day is on Wednesday, it is celebrated on the weekend, to let people sleep it off until Monday I guess, because it is a booze-o-rama! Great fun though with the parade with all kinds of things that had little or nothing to do with Ireland, but they were dressed in green and gave stuff away, like a flag and some green beads to Leah.

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