Feb 5, 2011

The Beckhams of Silicon Valley

So, let's pretend that you didn't read the blog post the other day. And if you haven't for real, I will be upset - come on, read my blog!!

Where was I? Yes, big announcement. All of you that are thinking that we are having another baby. Nope, try again. Not going to happen, not yet at least. We are not moving again either, thank god. 

We are however very proud though to announce that Sexy Mom has landed a job at eBay! She will be the Localization Manager for Spanish. She wasn't even looking for a job, so I find it such a huge accomplishment and we are incredibly proud of her!

Leah is her biggest fan.

Now sponsored by two Internet portals
So now, I started out as a little glass eyes-wearing music nerd from the north of Sweden, and she as a literature loving nerd from a small city in Spain, and now we are all of a sudden living in San Francisco being managers at two of the biggest Internet sites around. Beckhams - watch out, we are coming after you!

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  1. Cool! Congrats to Silvia who landed a job without even looking for it!! And kisses to little miss Beckham-Renström-Oviedo. Whenever I see her I'm reminded of the famous pictures of you eating birthday-cake with your hands, face and body. :-) She's so cute!
    Kram från kusin Lena