Mar 18, 2011

Celebrating big style!

The first week for Silvia on her new job at eBay has gone by very quickly and without any mayor incidents. They managed to mess up her name a bit, so at work she is Silvia Lopez; professional translator with a license to conjugate, and at home she is Silvia Oviedo; sexy mom. It is the dream of any man; I go to bed with two woman every night!

We are really proud of her, and she deserved a celebration. So we took advantage of the fact that grandma is in the house and had a night out. The only think I said to Silvia was "dress nicely". To me that meant, dress nicely. I did not realize that such statement makes a woman very nervous; does it mean really nice or just nice?!?

The indication came from the fact that the first stop was at the Mark Hopkins Hotel at Huntington Park. They have a restaurant at the top with views of San Francisco, a perfect place to have a drink and toast the new job. Later we went to Anchor and Hope, a fish restaurant, and ended up at Vesuvio, as always. A great night out on the town with a beautiful woman that dressed very nicely.

At the Vesuvio

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