Feb 23, 2011

Miss Cupcake vs. Mr Daddy

And now, live from Sleep-o-rama 2011, we give you the post-game comments from Bill and Bob!

-Well Bill, this game had about everything one can wish for!
-You are sure right Bob, one can only congratulate the fans for coming out on a beautiful day like this to watch two professionals like Mr Daddy and Miss Cupcake set on a show like this. Purely spectacular! This is what the game is all about!
-What do you think were the keys to Mr Daddy taking home the Championship?
-Well Bob, Miss Cupcake started off by waking up at 2 a.m., something Mr Daddy was expecting so he of course played the milk card.
-Mr Daddy has been on the tour for ages, you can sure tell he is a true professional.
-He sure is Bob, however the poop came as a surprise even to a old veteran like Mr Daddy. One can even think that Miss Cupcake was somewhat superior in her attitude by playing peek-a-boo while Mr Daddy changed her. I think she really thought she had the game in her hand there.
-I think we all did Bill.
-We have seen it so many times Bob, the game is not over until the buzzer sounds. I will sure remember Mr Daddy out from nowhere starting to stroke Miss Cupcakes nose as the play of the year.
-I don't think Mr Daddy even believed it was going to work Bill, and Miss Cupcake sure looked as she was completely out of ideas at this point.
-When you think the game has it all, there were still time for some last minute actions though.
-Again, it ain't over until its over. Mr Daddy took out the game too soon, and when walking to the bed making high fives, Miss Cupcake made one desperate last play, throwing the pacifier at her opponent.
-That is sure risky, Miss Cupcake could have faced a red card, but at this point she had nothing to loose.
-Mr Daddy, oldie but goldie, used his experience and returned the favor by giving her the pacifier, and that was that. The championship was his!
-Bob, a true champion, and I am sure Miss Cupcake will make history in the game as well.
-Bill, no doubt about it!
-Well folks, that is all from Sleep-o-rama 2011, see you next year!

Leah is back with jetlag, slowly but surely we are getting there.

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