Apr 22, 2012

Summer in the City

Dear San Francisco, 

How is it going? How about those Giants? I just wanted to say 'hi' and check in on you. You know, like friends do. Because we are friends. Right? You know I love you. A lot. I love your style, the architecture, the people. I even like all the hills, gives your character.

Ok, so I might complain about the weather at times. Ok, more than once probably. Yes, you are right. A lot frankly. But you know how friends are, it is just me going on without really meaning it. But you are right that I don't speak much about the incredibly nice days. Probably as there are not too many.

Just joking! Relax...

So officially I just wanted to say that you sure know how to cook up an amazing summer day. Amazingly amazing. 

One of those day that you don't want to end ever. You just want to hang out in Golden Gate Park and try to keep up with Miss Cupcake running in the grass with no shoes on, with her mom two steps behind trying to get her to take on the shoes. Define the biggest slide in San Francisco at the Koret Children's Quarter Playground, and even better, the merry-go-round that does not imply risking your life. Have a burrito at 'El Gordo Taqueria' (The Fat Guy taqueria), only to follow up with a Lemon Cookie ice cream at Green Chile Pies

Yes San Francisco. You sure know how to throw a party. You will let me come to the next one, right? 

Buddies, right?

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