Mar 15, 2012

Look, it's Raining!

Kids are immune to weather and does not get all grumpy like the rest of us grown-ups when there are a couple of drops of rain falling from the sky. I know, I should be a typical parent with classic one liners such as 'there are no such things as bad weather, only bad clothes', or my favorite from my wonderful dad: 'you are not made of sugar, aren't you?'.

No further questions your honor. 

This week the rain period has finally come. It has been raining non-stop for a couple of days now, but Miss Cupcake is fine as she has good clothes and is not made of sugar although she is awfully sweet. Her favorite pass-time is to hang out of the window (thing we can only do when mom is not around, so don't tell her!) and watch the rain fall and say 'hi' to all the grumpy grown-ups that are made by sugar and walk by in their bad clothing for rainy days.

Don't ask me why she is eating the lip balm. Not weather related. 

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