Mar 17, 2012

No More Weather Talk

I want you to read my blog, to tell your friends about it, to rave its brilliance on your preferred social media network, mention it the next time you make a toast at a wedding, maybe even send a check as a token of your appreciation. Totally up to each one. 

So then why might you ask yourself, do you only speak about the freaking rain lately? Just about as interesting as elevator color choices. 

I promise this is the last time. For now.

But I just have to share this video, for a number of reasons. 

1. It shows Miss Cupcake in the water proof outfit her grand parents bought her that has been way too big for her and finally fits. Thank you 'farmor' and 'farfar'!

2. It shows how easily distracted a two year old can be. From happily running towards the water to jump in it, to suddenly freeze as she finds a leaf. Possible the leaf.

3 It shows how educated Miss Cupcake is. When you go, you say 'bye-bye'. Good job.

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