Apr 23, 2012

The Chinese Tourist

You might have heard about Facebook buying the photo sharing web application 'Instagram' for a billion dollars. It is of course ridiculous to pay that amount of money for a company that makes zero money. It is not nearly worth one billion dollars. More like two billion. And a half. 

I was of course way ahead of the trend using this stuff (my wife told me to, but don't tell anyone) to the point where I have stopped using the digital camera, that now has turned into a toy for Miss Cupcake (just trying to get her to not look into the lens when taking a photo...). I take photos almost every day, so there are enough photos around to make a poster for example

So what about the people still stuck in 1985 with no smart phone or microwave oven (directed directly to my lovely parents - hi mom! hi dad!), or using a Blackberry, which is about the same thing? You will miss out on all the wonderful photos of Miss Cupcake in different positions. Like this one, can you sleep at night knowing you are missing out on a photo like this one?!?

Not to worry, you can find all photos on this webpage called Webbygram. Silly name but neat application. 

Also linked to from the menu on the right of this page. Look there now please and make a click... now!

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