Apr 21, 2012

Parents at a Concert

Yes, I am going to bore you all with a review of the concert the other night, even though getting the tickets was probably more newsworthy than the concert itself. And that is not to say that the concert was boring in any way. 

Not at all. 

Because there were some very interesting details apart from the Swedish rockers on stage. Like having the drummer of the Hives throw his stick in the middle of the concert and people fighting to get it, and it just gracefully ends up at our feet, like it was looking for us. Or probably my wife. She was looking crazy hot!

Or having the singer from Refused introduce themselves by saying 'We are the Refused from Umeå, Sweden'. I got the chills for some weird reason, and the concert hall was properly heated.  

My favorite part was probable seeing Sexy Mom getting in to the mosh pit (definition; large guys jumping around like crazy). I was somewhat impressed she survived. I was astonished that she pulled it off in high heels. 

Who said rock n roll could not be pulled off in style?

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