Jan 21, 2012

I am not Singing...

It does not really make sense to be grumpy because the San Francisco summer is over, especially when the date marks the 21st of January. However I cannot help but to feel a bit grumpy when the blue skys were suddenly changed to grey clouds with a weak bladder. 

Yes, the rain is back!

I tried to remember the last time it rained, and it was probably around this time last year, just in time for my upcoming birthday (hint, hint - next Thursday, but you already have that marked with a gold star in your calendar so no need for me to remind you. Right?)

Miss Cupcake, or the kid now known as 'the walking umbrella', is of course as all other kids immune against the weather and finds it hilarious to jump in puddles, look up at the rain drops with her tongue out and walk under the umbrella without seeing where you are going.  

Ok, I admit it. 

She learnt those things after observing her dad doing them, but don't tell anyone! 

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