Jan 6, 2012

The Missing Abbreviation

So we have done the NBL, the NFL and the NBA, but the one abbreviation that I have closest to my heart was missing - the NHL. Yes, we are talking ice hockey. I have since a child always been a hockey fan. I still remember walking over at nights and weekends to the local rink that would be deserted, I'd switch on the lights and scrape off the snow from the ice before I could skate back and forward for hours until I could no longer feel my feet due to the cold. Also known as 'time to go home'.

One of my biggest sports memories still was when the local hockey team, IF Bjorkloven, played the final of the national league in 1987. I was nine, and the junior team I played for played as entertainment in the halftime. You can imagine, walking onto the ice infront of a completely packed arena to play. And I had to, before the game started, skate across the rink with the trophy that was given out to the winning team in my hand. I can still hear the 'ohhh' of the crowd when I almost fell over. I managed to get over with the trophy in one piece. 

Let's Go Sharks!
So it was great to relive those memories as I headed down to San Jose to watch the Sharks versus the Columbus Blue Jackets. Don't worry, I hadn't heard about them either...

The game was not very good to be honest, however they won (2-1), I got to drink beer and eat hamburgers, and finally - finally! - listen to the piano guy that plays between the games. 

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