Feb 10, 2011

Warriors - Nuggets

I have already watched an American football game, so the next step was to go and watch some basketball; Golden State Warriors vs. Denver Nuggets. After work I took the train and went over to Oakland; the naughty younger brother of San Francisco.

I have to say that the basketball game was more fun than the American football, maybe because it was indoors and warm and cosy, maybe because the game was really good (they won on the last throw) or maybe because the halftime show was great; five-year-old's playing basketball!

It was also the night of the free t-shirt, so now I have my official Golden State Warriors t-shirt to melt in with the rest of the people that wear sports gear Sunday morning, to go grocery shopping or anything else because the official uniform in the states is sports wear.

Let's go Warriors, let's go

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