Jan 8, 2012

Summer in San Francisco

Resources are important. You need resources to be able to put plans into actions. You need a vehicle of some sort to travel. You need food to stay alive. You need AT&T to work for a change to be able to connect to the Internet. Resources are key to a successful living.

This blog post will be a resource of mine in a couple of months for sure. When 'winter' is over and 'summer' comes to San Francisco, that is when it gets freezing and foggy ashell, my lovely wife will complain about the horrible weather in northern California, and start to look for reasons why we are living here in the first place. To solve that situation, you need resources.

Seconds before running for the water...
In this situation, instead of panicking, I will simply break the glass and take out this blog post with a super hero cape and a somewhat smug smile on my face, and tell her 'remember that Sunday in January we spent on the beach enjoying sunshine and something that could be labeled as 'heat'?'.


I have no more witnesses. I rest my case. 

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