Dec 26, 2010

Raiders - Colts

I don't really like American sports, and with that I mean American football, basketball and baseball, but you just got to love American sports! If someone knows how to throw a party, it has to be the Americans. What can go wrong when an afternoon is about drinking beer and eating hot dogs, not about who does the winning touchdown.

Commitment to beer!

Today we have been over to Oakland, the real America (I will explain another day but basically there are more pounds and blue-collar workers in Oakland to start with), to watch American football; Oakland Raiders vs. Indianapolis Colts.

I had a blast! We screamed, had hot dogs, drank beer until they stopped selling it in the 4th quarter and tried to follow the game as good as we could. I can't wait to get to a baseball match, basketball or ice hockey game, this is not about sports, it is about something much more important; entertainment... and beer. The game? Colts won 31-26.

Pass the ketchup!

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