Oct 22, 2012

The Protector

I feel bad. This blog is all about trying to communicate to you all our life on the 'best coast', and I have tried to make sure to include all facets of our life, including all integrants of our family including pets, automobiles and future pastries. But somehow I have excluded one of the key pillars to our family.

So please let me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste, I've been around for a long, long year... Ok, you get the drift, at least if you are a Rolling Stones fan.  Point being; please let me introduce to you the person that makes sure that our home is safe; Mr Tomte. 

If you been lucky enough to have been at our home, you might have seen him. He does not make a lot of noise, he might not appear to be even looking, but he has been given the immense responsibility of making sure our home is safe. And he takes it very seriously, indeed. And don't get me wrong; I might not be the most spiritual man, but I strongly believe he does his job. In the nordic mythology it was said that the farms would have 'tomtar' living with the people, and if you treated them well, they would safeguard your house. But if you treated them bad...

It has come to the point where if Miss Cupcake is in the need of it, I will make sure Mr Tomte spends the night in her room to make sure everything is ok. And it always is, because he is the protector of our home - Mr Tomte.

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