Oct 20, 2012


Having kids changes your life in many ways. Take your use of imagination for example. Just to be clear though; we are not talking about the 'John Lennon'-living-life-in-peace" kind of imagination, but more like the "Break-glass-in-case-of-emergency-for-parents-only" kind of imagination.  A life saver really. 

Simple example: imagine yourself at the doctor's office, with a already bored Miss Cupcake even though you just entered the room, and you are faced with at least 15 minutes of waiting (as the nurse told you the doctor will be 'here in a second'). So you have to make a decision; use your imagination to invent a game or unleash the wrath of the bored. 

This is when a bus tickets becomes a rocket ship taking Miss Cupcake to the beach to jump in the water before the shark eats her feet (true story), because imagination is the only thing that stands between a parent and the wrath of the bored. This is also why a night like any night becomes really special because Sexy Mom decides it is time to make face masks of our favorite animals. 

I am a panda... I think...

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