Aug 16, 2012

It's a Girl!

Big news to share! Our family is getting bigger! We have been trying for quite some time now, and even though it has been difficult to find time, energy and the right mood, we finally managed to align forces and take the leap - and it's a girl! Her name is Prius, weights a lot and eats hybrid. 

This is probably the most scary adult thing I have ever done. But wait a minute, you might think. You are a parent, isn't that being adult? Of course it is, however the decision making process is very different. When you decide to be a parent, the next step is having lots of sex with your wife. Opening a glass of wine and dimming the lights hardly counts as creating stress in my mind. Negotiating having floor mats included or not, facing the crazy amount of money you are going to spend and calculating interest rates on a loan, that is only something that adults are crazy enough to do. 

Looking at the bright side, I took the lead in the adult race with my sister. When we speak, we tend to check how we are doing on the 'adult-o-meter', for example how many supermarket reward cards we have, latest adult items bought (me being overly happy over an ironing board gained me a lot of points for example) or making a pension fund. 

Then again, not sure if it is a race that one wants to be first...

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