Aug 30, 2012

The Family Keeps on Growing

There are days when amazing, life changing things happen. News so big that you have no idea of how to communicate it as any words just are too small in comparison to the impact of the news. I am still pinching my arms every now and then to make sure it is real. And it is. 

This is when Miss Cupcake comes to the rescue to inform you all of the situation. And as any news anchor, she has all the details for this breaking news session, down to the last detail. She even adds unconfirmed details just to get more viewers.

And just for your information, 'grosa' means to grow. And we do not know the sex of the baby yet, even though Miss Cupcake is very certain of the model.  Sexy Mom is doing great, and the due date is set for mid-March 2013.

Now the question is; we already got a Cupcake. What will we name the next pastry?