Oct 23, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

'Holiday! Celebrate!', as Madonna would sing back in the days (think about it for a second, the single was released 29 year ago...). However, don't get me wrong - this post is not about making you all feel old, you don't need me for that, but it is really it is about celebrating the holidays. So... all together now; 'Holiday! Celebrate!'.

And what more stylish holiday can there possibly be in these times of 'sexy vampires running around being... sexy on television' than Halloween. And yes, I am looking at you beloved sister who went to Harvard only to end up reading those 'Twilight' books... 

Back to the point; the holiday season is starting and we started softly with our very first 'pumpkin patch' experience. This means a family friendly Saturday morning at a farmer's market where they sell pumpkins, have hayrides (tractor+trailer), and jumping castles. For us it was really a test to see how having three kids was like as we brought along our favorite ex-neighbors Maddie and Michelle (Summary: they are better parents than we are...).

Back to the point though: did you hear that my sister reads the Twilight books?!?!

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