Nov 16, 2011

Life Outside PowerPoint

I am sitting in Cleveland watching out for Family Guy characters, and no luck so far. Just a guy who is really into ice cream. He is on his second one, seems to be strawberry this time. 

I am not only seeing the end of travelling from North Carolina, but also seeing the end of the tunnel of presentation land. I survived somehow the internal event I organized at Yahoo!, and I managed to not get married again during pubCon Las Vegas. And to put the cherry on the top; the session on organic search at the Internet Summit went surprisingly well, I really enjoyed speaking and was not too intimidated by the 500 person strong audience. And I did not imagine anyone in their underwear.

Now I am looking forward to a quite week at home for Thanksgiving where I plan to try and not do a single thing, just enjoy nine days of no work, sleeping and maybe even being able to go to lunch with my wife.

Sounds like heaven to me. 

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