Oct 8, 2011

Power Point Land

Lately it is all about conferences. Power points with bullet points. Lots of bullet points. Some graphs. Maybe throw in a pie chart or two just to lighten things up. 
I have been working the last month on organizing an internal conference about organic search at Yahoo! It was my idea, so when I realized how much work is actually involved between posters, making travelling arrangement, presentations and scheduling rooms, it was already too late. It has been a great experience though, and I am looking forward to what are sure to be three very intense days. I have been told that offering cookies or not is apparently the differentiator between complete failure or utter success. Chocolate chip?

Later in November I am off to Las Vegas to gamble my entire salary on red. Or black. Not sure yet. Actually I am going to pubCon, which is a conference for search marketers with a lot of brilliant people speaking. It is going to be very nice to just go as an attendee and learn, and Vegas is always Vegas. I wonder if there will be cookies...

Last but not least, I have been invited to speak at Internet Summit 2011 in Raleigh, North Carolina. This is of course a great honor to be able to attend and speak at such a big event, very much looking forward to it! I will for sure be too nervous to even think about cookies. 

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