Nov 14, 2011

Spin that turntable

There are two concepts that Miss Cupcake was really quick to learn; 'no' and 'mine'. She is frequently using both concepts, and has no issues whatsoever in applying them at the same time. She is in the end a girl and can do two things at the same time. 

The problem is that she is starting to use them in occasions that, at least in my mind, there is absolutely no need whatsoever to infest the situation with negativity. When I put on music for example. So you all know by now that I am a member of 'Music-o-holics Anonymous', and I plan to be a lifetime member. Even though it seemed that lately Miss Cupcake was going in the footsteps of her old man, she has lately been very clear what she thinks about Bob Dylan; 'not like'.

Her dislike for Mr Bob is especially concerning as my wonderful wife just bought me this amazing record player for our one year anniversary in the US. I had completely forgot the fascination of putting on the record, see it spin and lower the needle until it makes that noise, you know the sound I am talking about, right? And then, music!

As we only have CD's, I am in the end from that generation, she was kind enough to buy two vinyls to be able to play with my new toy; Bob Dylan and Miles Davis. Miss Cupcake dislikes half of my vinyls. 

DJ Cupcake and DJ Daddy

Now I have a bunch of problems to solve. I only have CD's and now I have to start to buy vinyls. I wish all my problems were like this one. Will the family economy handle it though? Did Sexy Mom understand the danger of fueling an addiction with yet another way of feeding its already unstoppable hunger?

To not go crazy in deciding what to buy on CD and what to buy on vinyl, I have decided that all music before 1980 will be bought on vinyl. Just kind of makes sense in my world. But will Miss Cupcake agree with this choice? Will she approve of what music will spin at the mansion or not?

Seems like 'distraction' is the solution so far...

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