Oct 29, 2011

Presenting with Presentations

I had an idea a couple of months ago. One of those things that just pop into your head and stays there for a while. Lingering to see what happens. I could have ignored it in that very instance. But I didn't. Instead I started asking around, and all of a sudden I realized that this idea had taken proportions that I did not expect. 

It also meant an insane amount of preparation; between getting funding, working on PowerPoint presentations, organizing speakers, deciding on what to wear, fixing travel arrangements, getting a conference room set-up with audio and video recording and working with the design team to get posters up

This Monday that idea was executed on when I kicked off the first Global Summit for people within Yahoo! working on the same things as I do (Search Engine Optimization if you haven't been around here before). It was insanely intense, productive and only resulted in eight more gray hairs. 

If you are looking to do something similar, I will give you one piece of advice; don't ever trust technology. It will always fail you when you need it the most, for example when you have a room full of people waiting for you to start.

The Team

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