Oct 22, 2011

Incredi'boo'l blog post

It is a bit strange as most holidays in the US are events you hear about, but not practice yourself, at least not in my case. So we were beginners this time around, and we did our best to get in the holiday spirit (and I do not refer to buying a lot of stuff). So we did stuff ourself more than a turkey last Thanksgiving, and waved the stars and stripes during the 4th of July and yes, they make more sense when you are here.

Now the biggest one is coming up - Halloween! And I admit to not liking to get dressed up, but I cannot wait to get some Dracula teeth and say the magic words - 'trick or treat', and for it to make sense. I am so excited that when walking by the Yahoo! company store the other day, I could not help myself.

I mean seriously - 'Yaboo!' Brilliant!

Apparently they have 'eBoo' over at Sexy Mom's work. So not cool. 

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