Nov 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today is Thanksgiving, our first one ever! So of course we wanted to go all the way out! We are having some friends from Spain over for dinner, they are on vacation and are going back tomorrow. We are preparing turkey (well, actually ham but don't tell anyone...), stuffing, gravy, green been casarole, and for dessert pumpkin pie.

Let's get ready to rumble!

I always remember when I was younger that I loved on saturdays to be in my room while listening to my parents preparing dinner in the kitchen. It is something about the noise from cooking, the radio and them talking that makes it feel very comfy. Well, today it was that feeling. Silvia and I were cooking, which is great to do in such a big kitchen, and Leah was sitting in her playground very calmly just playing by herself, which is not that common. I think she felt the feeling I used to feel. Things that I am grateful for:

  • Having Silvia by my side, she really changed my life and I am very grateful for her being so strong and supportive.

  • Having Leah; she is such a wonderful child, she has brought us so much joy, and put things in perspective

  • Being in San Francisco, this experience has just begun, but it is so enriching.

  • I am truly grateful for all the support from the company during the entire process.

  • Missing people, we miss all of you a lot, because we love you.

The dinner was excellent, all very yummy. We ate too much, and there were a lot of leftovers. The best thing, the sandwish that I prepared for breakfast the next day!

Calories anyone?

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