Oct 21, 2011

Shake, shake, shake it!

You can always count on someone to do anything you can imagine better than yourself. Not much to worry about really, that is just the way it is. Murphy's law, not really, just almost. Take Miss Cupcake for example. She is by excellence the number one earthquake generator of California. No one is safe from her super powers that she deploys through dancing on tables, climbing on sofas or singing/screaming the latest hit to make the earth tremble. The cable cars going by the window nods in approval and envy.

But there is always someone who does it better, and when it comes to nature, not much you can do about it. I just experienced my first earth quake. It lasted for about a second, and made everything move too much to feel comfortable. Even a picture in our book shelf moved and it now looks better. There are things that should not move, and the ground is one of them.

Miss Cupcake's reaction?

She said 'ups'.

Not sure if she referred to everything moving or if she is worried about the new competition in town. 

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