Sep 23, 2011

Time to Go Home

The other day I was blabbering on as usual, this time about where home really is when you have a couple of options. Today that question is really easy to answer. We are going back to San Francisco tomorrow after three weeks in Europe, and I cannot wait to get home! 

Yes, I said it. It is home! I would even call it 'sweet'. It has been amazing to be back in Sweden to see family, overload on tapas in Talavera and to go back to wonderful Madrid where we have so many incredible friends that I miss so much. I simply wish you could all live closer.

But San Francisco is home; I want to take Miss Cupcake to Huntington Park to play and watch the dogs, go to Stinson beach and get soaked in the freezing water, call 'Uncle Vito's' for the best pizza in the world, buy records at Amoeba's, watch the Giants loose yet another game, go down to Mario's at Washington Square for a pint, wake up on the 101 on the same batch that wakes me up ever morning going to work, go for breakfast in Sausalito or simply be at home, my home, with my girls, dancing to Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. 

The name of the song? Take a guess.

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