Sep 20, 2011

The Nights in Malasaña

We just spent a long weekend in Madrid, and the question you get from friends we have meet (read  had beers with) tend to be: 'so, do you miss Madrid'? What I really miss, apart from the people making just those questions, are the nights in Madrid. There are very few places in the world that offers such a wonderful and more importantly surreal experience.

We had no real plan. And the night included a concert with Medelia for the three year anniversary of the Picnic bar where we both ended up in the street in an interview for a documentary that is being done about the band (I was totally low key comparing them to 'the Band'...). At Bukowski Bar, one of our old watering holes, Sexy Mom ended up presenting a poetic magazine that had its release party when we were mostly looking for a decent Gin & Tonic. To top it off, we ended up at a Gothic after hours club dancing to the Cure. I have never felt so stared at with my jeans and plaid shirt. If I only had had a dog collar at least.

You never know what will happen in Madrid.

Silvia presenting at Bukowski Club

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  1. And I hope you don't forget the super exciting time we had playing state capitals!