Sep 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I am one of those persons that had no idea what to study, so I went for something broad that would allow me to do the only thing I was sure I wanted to do: to live abroad. So I studied an MBA in International Business. Since then, when I moved out from Sweden in 1999, I have lived in Washington DC, London, Madrid and now San Francisco.

I am now on vacation in Spain, just came back from my parents house in Sweden, and we are off to Madrid this afternoon and I am dying to go! It is like going home. Which brings up the question; where is home? The answer is easy - I don't know. It is weird and nice at the same time. 

Most of my closest friends live in Madrid, and this is where we had the nicest apartment in the world where our daughter was born. San Francisco is the place that felt like home the first time we went there, and we worked during two years to get there. We have started from zero to build a life together, and we felt instantly sad to leave when we went to the airport to go to Europe a week ago. And Sweden is where I was born, the place I always want to go back to, my spa with my favorite places in the world and after a week there want to leave as quick as possible. 

It is complicated. Maybe it is like my dad says when I asked him how he like the new apartment they got when me and my sister had left; 'home is where I put my hat'. In my case it would be my records.

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