Sep 25, 2011

Captain's Musings

I admit that initially this blog was intended as a way for my parents to keep up with our life in the US (when I say 'our' life I of course mean the life of their first grand child 'Miss Cupcake'). I never intended for this little project to go on for this long; almost one year, over 200 posts and 13,000 page views. 

At this rate I am bigger than MySpace in no time! Have you checked out the first post ever?!? Oh the memories... I am still here though, rambling on, and the reason is simple; I very much enjoy to write. Some posts of course are better than others. One cannot be a genius every day. One post that I am very pleased with lately is the 'Captain's Log' post about our trip to Europe. Very quirky, don't you think?

Now I feel I should close the chapter by writing about the return trip. However I have no good ideas, nothing that is on the same level, so as the second chapter is bound to be worst than the first one, at least in my opinion, I will not even try. 

So here you go, some random musings about our return trip from Madrid to San Francisco with no finess whatsoever:
  • Although being a parent, I can proudly announce that Sexy Mom and I still keep the tradition of going out the day before we travel alive. Four hours of sleep is better than three.  
  • American Airlines uses the abbreviation 'AA'. It could stand for 'Amazingly Awful'...
  • The notion of security is decreased abruptly when you are advised that 'safety belts are not needed for infants, simply hold her tight'. If I would have been wearing my Superman cape I would have understood the comment. I was not. 
  • A tip; if someone tells you that you have to re-check the luggage in a huge line, don't do it. Simply ask someone else until you find someone who says you don't need to do it.
  • When you are very tired you sleep wherever and however. Leaning against the seat in front of you is not as uncomfortable as it sounds. It leaves a mark though.
  • After 11 hours from Madrid to Dallas, the overall feeling was best described by Miss Cupcake; 'Go out. No more'. 
  • A bit disappointed to not see one single cowboy hat at Dallas airport. Or George Bush. 
  • Watching San Francisco from above at night, draped in clouds, is amazingly beautiful. 
  • Seeing my own bed made me cry. 
  • No place like home.  

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