Sep 11, 2011

Out in the Wilderness

When I was a kid we spent our summers at my great-grandfather's house. The house was white and enormous, a mansion, at least to me at the time. 
The second floor was ours. It had an old kitchen with a wodden stove complete with jars and bins from the 50:ies. Behind it were chambers forming a labyrinth, filled with small treasures, that now would be labeled as junk, an entry points to a magic kingdom. A bit scary as the light did not work. The house was just next to a lake with a boat where we could fish and swim. These were the best summers ever. 

Seeing Miss Cupcake at my parents house in northern Sweden makes me think about those summers, and makes me hope that she will think about this place as I do when I think about my childhood summers. I just love to see her run around in the grass.

Today we have gone over to say hello to the cat that just had kittens. 

Cat, cat, cat and cupcake
P.S Today is the 10th anniversary of September 11. Sending a tought to all victims and families of victims.

There are two events where I remember exactly where I was and what I did when I learnt about them; the assassination of the Swedish prime minister Olof Palme in 1986, and September 11 in 2001.

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