Dec 19, 2010

Love & Hate

So I have been back and forth on the subject, sometimes I get a soft spot for our stuff, only to a second later change my opinion and want to burn it all. I am connecting with my female side lately I guess...

Me and Mr Ducky sit over here daddy!

Today I am happy about our stuff, because they are all, more or less, where they should be, or hidden away somewhere under the bed where you cannot see them, which means that they don't exist!

S stands for "Sexy Mama" and the M for "Mr Daddy"

It is the little things that makes me happy, after some weeks in an empty apartment, now we can sit down in a sofa! Well, actually it tends to be lay down exhausted and fall a sleep in two seconds, which is when I get transferred to our bed! Full of cosy blankets, warm quilts and fluffy pillows. It's starting to look a lot like Christmas!

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