Dec 17, 2010

I take it back...

So you might remember that I showed somewhat happiness for our stuff coming from Europe. I want to take the opportunity to officially take it all back. I did not know what I was saying, I promise it will not happen again.

This is what happened: the truck pulled up already looking weird, it slowly gained terrain, getting closer and closer to our front door. We were not sure it was going to make it, it did not look like it was feeling well. All of a sudden it just stopped, looking puzzled, and when we thought it was all fine, that it was feeling better, it opened its huge mouth and vomited an endless stream of crap into our apartment.

It is everywhere, we haven't seen Leah in two days, we hear giggling noises coming from under all boxes at times. Where do you start? Where do you put it all? What does a box of matches cost?

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